Why People Love Free Online Timer

In the world full of digital media, the use of mechanical equipment are not significant as it was in the previous years. There are many ways to measure time. The most easy to use is the "Free Online Timer". Timer is a special type of clock which is organized to measure specific intervals of time. As a huge number of people using phones these days so the use of free online timer increases day by day.

Easy to use:

Just similar to stopwatch the online timer is very easy to use. It is just one click away to count the time intervals according to the specific input information. Select the specific interval which you want to measure in the information box and by a single click the timer start measuring time.

As it is already mentioned that there are different types of timer which are mentioned next.

  1. Software timer
  2. Hardware timer

Free online timer is the type of software timer. Software timer are not devices and it is generally exist is the computer systems or mobile phones. So the software timer replaces hardware timer. Software timer is actually mimics the old mechanical timer. Online timer is not the part of any device instead it is a digital system itself to measure the specific time intervals.

How to Set Timer?

In this kind of free online timer there are multiple timers options given for measuring time. If you want to set the time, select the given option which suits you by clicking on that specific option. If you want to stop it, click the given option "close" to end it. This is a very simple way used to set timer. For Example if you want to measure the time for specifically "5min" just click it and then set the ringing time according to your will and then measurement will start.

There is a unique option given "Ring" in it. The  purpose of this option is just like the snooze time which means that when the specific selected time is over the bell will ring until the person stop it. There are many options given such as, "2,4,10" seconds. Which means that if any one of you will select any one of these options "2,4,10 sec" the bell will ring after the countdown timer Is over for "2,4,10 sec" to remind people that countdown of timer is over. For example if you select "4 sec" the bell will ring after each 4 sec when the timer has ended. Set timer is a unique option used differently for different website which offers countdown by timer or stopwatch.

Where does free online timer can be used?

There are a lot of events which used the feature online timer. As free online timer has superiority over hour glass. Out of all other options of timer the most common one is "5 minutes timer". The percentage of use of 5 minutes timer is more than any other option due to it's very common use;

  1. This feature is specially used for children who have any type of syndrome or are mentally   not normal.
  2. It can be used in cooking purposes to learn the boiling time of an egg.
  3. This can be used to check the time during satiety test of a malnourished child.
  4. It can be used to measure the walk time of the disable people.

So 5 minutes timer is a solution to many problems regarding measuring time for specific purposes. The feature of 5 minute timer is present in most of free online timer.

Advantages of Free online timer over mechanical timer:

  1. It is cost effective.
  2. It requires less or no setting.
  3. It is time effective.

But, the mechanical timer is more accurate and show less error than a free online timer.

What is countdown timer?

The term countdown used here actually refers to measuring time, date, hour, day for a particular event in given time. There is a huge range of countdown timer from great mechanical countdown timer to digital apps which can be shown on desktops, mobile screens used for saving time and money. The term online countdown timer is exactly as same as stopwatch which can be seen on desktops and mobile phones to calculate time and some information of the particular event.

Online countdown timer usually measures the time which has been selected by the person. It is very easy to set it, just as the online timer by a single click and then countdown starts. The user usually sets the timer and it will be starting. After that, the timer stopped its countdown according to given information and give a specific signal like "ring" to inform that the countdown is over. Online countdown timer is designed to be used again and again to count time in given time within short time interval.

Mechanical countdown timer is more beneficial as it results in less error and more precision with accuracy. Many websites use countdown timer for personal use to measures the trips and landmark. These types of timers are just for the decorative show off with inaccurate results. Some people used countdown timer as a guide in events to manage the work and break times and in this type of cases the accurate option is required which may or may be not possible through a free online timer. A very simple input information is required to count the time. In free online timer there is always a need to set the timer after that online timer start the countdown. Countdown timer is then record it for the future purposes.  


There is always an alternative to everything so, as the hour glass on the game board replaced with free online timer. It is not because the previous one doesn't measure the time it is because of the advancement of the digital media. To the solution of different problem which people face while measuring time, online countdown timer is a perfect solution. Because easy to use and within less time is the requirement of the current era.